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Entries from September 28th, 2011

haifa – tiberias – jerusalem

September 28th, 2011 by sophie · israel, retomag

we had some great days in haifa, but after a while, we felt like we had to move… so we took a bus to tiberias with some hope to get the chance to check out the kitesurf. tiberias is one of the smaller cities, not much going on but the view of the lake is nice. we went to the market and bought some vegies and fruit, its much cheaper than in the supermarket and you give your money to people who need it more than the supermarket chain.

we got pretty much sick of hanging out in the cities, so we took a rental car for one day to drive around the lake and look for kitesurfers. but sadly, there was no wind and so there were no surfers either. but at least we had a great view on the lake, found an amazing spot for swimming and were camping for one night. it was nice, to sleep outside and actually feel the nature. it was kind of sad to give the car back after 24hrs, we already started feeling comfortable with it and of course, it looked like we actually lived in there…

so after the beautiful experience of independence and freedom in the nature we took a bus from tiberias to jerusalem. and we descovered that egged-buses have free wifi. how cool is that? and why isn’t it possible to manage that in germany? any ideas?

well, yesterday we arrived in the dark and had a great view over the old city from the roof top of our hostel. it was nice to sit there and hang out for a while, feel the city and chat with some other travelers about what they experienced and where they have been so far. and… you will not believe it, but we had to put warmer clothes on, its a bit colder in jerusalem than in all the other cities we visited so far. so now we are refreshed to check out the old town and make a lot of pictures. take care, write soon!


akko citadel

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surfing carmel beach

September 21st, 2011 by stefan · israel, retomag, surfing

a 15-minute train ride from haifa along the coastline brought us to the kite club, a surf school which also offers kite surfing and wind surfing. we were warmly welcomed and could get some interesting insights into israeli surfing culture. we were invited to take part in a surfing lesson, had a great time refreshing our skills (which was pretty necessary by the way) and getting totally exhausted. plus, we got many interesting hints to be checked out by us the coming days. the day passed very quickly as we were overwhelmed by new impressions.

next stop will be acre, which will be quite a contrast compared to today. acre is one of the very old and historically important cities in israel, resulting in an authentic townscape. stay tuned!


surf lesson at haifa beach

romantic sunset at haifa beach

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eating dates in haifa

September 20th, 2011 by sophie · israel, retomag

when you come to a foreign city, you just realize in the evening, how exertive the day has been. we arrived in haifa yesterday. it was pretty easy to get here by train and we had some welcomed help on the way. when we arrived at our accomodation, which is a really nice guesthouse, we coult feel the last days in our legs and honestly almost the whole body felt like treated with a meat chopper. tel aviv is a never sleeping city and we were on foot everyday with our cameras and around 32 degrees outdoor temperature. so we took a break yesterday and left the cameras in our backpack.

we were pretty much floating around the city today, collecting interesting material. haifa is the only israeli city which as a metro. the ride was a funny experience, it reminded us of a ropeway, you go through a tunnel steeply up the hill.

so now we have the possibility to compare two cities, tel aviv is full of life and people, the city never sleeps and its packed with small places, where you can get fresh pressed fruit juice and many, many falaffel shops. haifa is more relaxed, the architecture is more many-sided and the streets are wider, there are more places to sit down and have a rest. the beaches are further away from the city center, which is kind of sad. but we will check them out tomorrow.

in conclusion i have to write something about israeli food. for myself, its nice to find everywhere something vegetarian, we never have to search for the next falafel shop, its always just around the corner. but after a while you just cant manage eating pita and humous anymore. today i discovered israeli dates. they are really tasty. and we just bought some at the supermarket, so i guess they will be amazing if you get them fresh.


Stefan exploring the bare lands

Sophie at Haifa

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tel aviv beach

September 20th, 2011 by sophie · israel, retomag

reto mag at yerushalaim beach, tel aviv

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going to haifa tomorrow

September 18th, 2011 by sophie · israel, retomag

we had some great days in tel aviv and are going to leave tomorrow. its kind of sad to leave this place already, especially because we just started to actually feel the city. but no worries, we will be back in town soon.

retomag at tel aviv

so, haifa tomorrow. we have some places we want to visit and one interview to take. we are curious and excited…


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tel aviv, there we are

September 16th, 2011 by sophie · israel, retomag

after four hours flight and some security checks we arrived at tel aviv yesterday after sunset. our first evening was pretty nice, it was good to get picked up by someone who shows you around and answers all your stupid questions. after checking in at our hostel, all we wanted, was going to the beach, to see the ocean, walk in the sand… even if it was dark, we didnt care…

so our trip started with mojito, pita, falafel and humous, sitting at the beach with a light summerbreeze. it was a lovely way to go down well.

we fell in love with humous by the way… it tastes much different than in germany and if you start eating it once, you cant stop anymore…


our first day in tel aviv passed so quickly. we started collecting the first material and got a big sunburn as a welcome present. its over thirty degrees here during the day and when you walk along the coast, you can’t really feel it. ah and by the way, you should not forget to put sunscreen on… so, we will keep the rest of the details for another time… write soon!

airplane prezels

stefan bei der arbeit

sophie at work

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departure soon

September 15th, 2011 by sophie · retomag

we are leaving germany in a couple of hours to work for retomag. so stay with us, you will get updates about our travel now and then.

write soon!

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getting prepared…

September 13th, 2011 by sophie · retomag

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welcome to retomag

September 3rd, 2011 by admin · retomag

we are very happy to have you around.

come in, hang out and poke around, take part when a magazine gets born.

and the most important: remember us, share us and come again soon!

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