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Entries from February 29th, 2012

1st // seven questions – seven answers with robert zimmermann, illustrator based in germany

February 29th, 2012 by sophie · 7 questions - 7 answers, illustration, sweden

1. you lived in sweden for a while. how long did you live there and how intense was your contact with the swedish population?
i lived in the small town of tranås for five months – from late summer 2011 during the long and dark winter months until early 2012. this in fact affected my contact with the residents since the winter is pretty intense up there and you don’t leave the house unless you absolutely have to.
one funny thing i noticed about the swedes is that most of them are not very extroverted if they don’t know you at all. they are kind and caring people, it just takes some time for them to open up. but as soon as you know one a little better, his or her friends open up to you, too and they make you feel as welcome as you have been “one of them” all your life. of course there are exceptions, but one local friend also acknowledged that. so this seems to be not only some subjective phenomenon noticed by a foreigner, haha.

2. did you get the possibility for an exchange with swedish illustrators?
sadly no. the town i lived in is located in the center of southern sweden, while most of the bigger cities are at the seaside. i visited the country’s three main cities (stockholm, gothenburg and malmö) – but only as some sort of tourist.

3. is there a special style or influence you found in the work of swedish illustrators?
i’m afraid I don’t have much to say about that. i am far from being uninterested in looking at other people’s illustrations but I focus more on the work itself, not on the people who created it. now that i think about it, there’s only a handful of artists whose work I can identify by their unique style.

4. would you say that the style of your illustration changed while your time in sweden? how?
i think my particular style did not change much, but because of the indoor-winter-months i had some time to try something new. i think i widened my field with drawing a little more abstract and simple or using new brushing techniques in photoshop. i also think that i work more effective now, leaving out some of those crazy nano-details i used to integrate in my illustrations. you know what i mean? this wow-effect when the viewer realizes that there is a cat hunting mice in the bird’s-eye view picture of a medieval village.
of course it is amazing to tell little stories such as this which have nothing to do with the main intention of the illustration, but you have to know when you need it and when you don’t. and when you waste your time because no one will ever see all these things if it’s only going to be printed on a stamp.

5. who are you mainly working for?
i do a lot of information graphics and article illustrations about current affairs for german regional newspapers like main-post (würzburg) and saarbrücker zeitung (saarbrücken). besides that i also draw CD covers and logos for music bands.

6. who would you love to work for?
i have no special names to drop here but over all i can say that i would like to work for anyone who gives me challenging tasks and treats me fair. okay, maybe not everyone. i would say no to jobs from right-wingers, fanatic extremists or people and groups i don’t agree with.

7. what is the next step? where do you want to go and what do you expect from your life as an illustrator?
i don’t expect to get rich or something. but if i can live off my drawings without having to wonder if i can pay the rent next month and finance my other activities like playing drums, i am happy. i certainly hope that being an illustrator will never turn into a regular assembly line attitude job for me some day.
currently i am looking for an apartment in berlin where i think creative people can soak up inspiration from every street corner day by day. i intend to stay there for at least some years and then… we’ll see, maybe sweden again? you never know what’s coming.
thank you for the interview and all the best for you and RetoMag!

thanks to robert zimmermann for our first seven questions – seven answers interview!

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seven questions – seven answers, interview series coming soon

February 29th, 2012 by sophie · 7 questions - 7 answers, retomag

seven questions – seven answers, that’s the name of our upcoming interview series. we will be interviewing creatives from all over the world about traveling, the past and the future and on top of it, we will present some of their work as well… it will all get published on our blog.

the first interview is already in process… stay tuned!


your passion is in the creative field? you got a story to tell? you think you would be a great person for an interview? perfect. get in touch! ->

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February 24th, 2012 by sophie · germany, retomag

Does someone know a small publishing company in Germany? Preferable with an online shop and a english website!

I would be very happy for every advice, it’s an absolutely new field for me.

Thanks guys and take care!

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Congrats to Christoph Kirchner!

February 14th, 2012 by sophie · film, new zealand, reportage

Unbelievable! “Trace of Light” is one of 100 films which are officially selected for the ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival 2012 in Paris, France in April 2012! The ÉCU is one of the biggest and most distinguished Independent Film Festivals in Europe – a special honor for the Team to be a part of it!


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Semesterend- and Graduate Exhibition FH Würzburg 02 / 2012

February 12th, 2012 by sophie · exhibition, germany, retomag

Here some impressions of RETOMAG’s first exhibition. It was great to show what I was working at in the last months.

I hope to get another chance, to present the magazine.