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Entries from August 30th, 2012

cycling along the »main« – or against the main stream 2nd day

August 22nd, 2012 by sophie · cycling, germany, reportage

its time to continue my little report about our cycling experience.

our second day started with a great breakfast and a little bit bum pain. after cycling almost 80km at the day before, the second day would be around 70km. our tour started down hill with full speed which was much fun and great motivation. the sun already started to burn on our skin when we left our campsite but you didn’t really get it because of the airflow.

we passed schweinfurt around noontime. the slogan of the city is: industry and art. which is kind of over the top. we had to cycle next to the railway or the federal highway almost the whole time. but at least, after the hard part on the day before, it was kind of a fun part. almost the whole route was very flat, there were just short parts up the hill which were followed by downhill parts.

we arrived zeil am main in the late afternoon. nina and i  checked in at a campsite in sand am main, which was just across the river. jule and sarah were going to leave the group this evening, because they had to get back to würzburg. after some trouble with finding our campsite, we were pretty surprised, how convenient camping actually is. while we built up our tent, jule and sarah already checked out the beer garden of zeil am main. so after getting sorted, we went back to have a good-bye dinner with the girls. they were getting picked up by their flatmate and a friend. the flatmate, nadja is a physio therapist, which was quite handy, cause i was getting such a knee pain from cycling. so nadja taped my knees to be prepared for the next days. (thanks again on this stage)

it was a pretty sweet evening, with nice greek food and some shandy. we were rewarding ourselves for keeping up.

saying goodbye to sarah and jule was quite sad. they had been such cool cycling mates!




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cycling along the »main« or against the mainstream – 1st day

August 13th, 2012 by sophie · cycling, germany, reportage

we all tend to spend our holidays as far away from home as possible. this time we wanted to explore our home area and maybe develop a new view of the place we live. and wouldn’t it be interesting to try a new way of traveling, no cars but still moving a bit faster than while doing hiking? we are 4 girls, three of us (sarah, jule, sophie) live in würzburg and one (nina) lives close to frankfurt. würzburg and frankfurt have one thing in common: the river which is called “main”. so we decided to cycle along the river to its spring.

our tour started last wednesday. we left würzburg around 10 in the morning. of course we wanted to leave earlier but like every following morning we had some trouble with different causes while leaving. the tour we planned is a very common tour, so the bicycle route is tagged very well and there is (almost!!) no way to get lost. the usual way to cycle this route is from the spring to the water mouth. but we did it the other way, against the main stream. the goal for our first day was to reach volkach, the little town where sarah is from. the first 20kilometers were going pretty well, we had sunshine and no wind. we passed a lot of very cute and very small villages. while having our lunch break with self baked bread and pasta salad out of plastic bags a bridal pair and their guests were doing their wedding pictures next to us. it was quite funny to watch them, they seamed a bit tipsy and like they didn’t care about how the pictures will look like. For sarah and me (we both are shooting weddings now and then) it was quite strange to watch them. many people don’t want to spend money for the pictures, they often think, photographers are too expensive and not necessary.

we had another break close to volkach, in nordheim. the area around würzburg is known for its wine culture, so it was obvious that we had to drink some wine on our way to volkach. after having some “scheurebe” and “rotling” we were cycling to catch a ferry over the river. we were all kind of tipsy, so we started laughing a bit too loud on our bikes, thats why the people on the street turned around and stared at us. when we arrived at the ferry, we had to realize, that it was closed because there would be a wedding on the ferry for the next hour. (it was the 8th of august, probably a great date to get married) there were two possibilities to reach our destination (the house of sarahs dad, where she grew up): get another glass of wine and wait till the wedding is over or cycle another bunch of kilometers. surprise! we passed up the second glass and took the loop way. it was also our chance to drive through volkach, which is a beautiful small town!

the last kilometers where uphill and partwise a bit hard. but in we got rewarded with a great view over the “main schleife”. rolling down the hill we already saw the house of sarahs dad, where he and some friends were standing on the terrace, waving us welcome. it was great to arrive at our destination, after over 70 kilometers, while the sun was going down.

we built up our tents in the beautiful garden and after a fantastic vegetarian meal we had beers sitting at our campfire. it was a great first day, we saw a lot and had much fun. in the end, we all had a deep and happy sleep.

text: sophie // pictures: nina

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