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Entries from September 13th, 2012

3rd cycling day – pictures

September 13th, 2012 by sophie · cycling, germany, reportage

nina did some pics while we were on our cycling trip, have a look!






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3rd and 4th day – cycling along the »main« – or against the main stream

September 4th, 2012 by sophie · cycling, germany

well, people always say that the 3rd day of such a journey is the hardest one. partly true. we tried to start our tour as early as possible. our plan for the day was, to cycle the 42 kilometers from sand am main to bamberg. we thought it would be good, to have a less heavy day in between and on top of it, nina hasn’t been to bamberg yet. bamberg is a great place, i’ve been there several times with my boyfriend to visit his family. nina studies history of art and is very interested in old architecture, so it was a must to stop in bamberg and spent some time walking instead of cycling.

this part of the route was not too close to the main and pretty windy. we had to cycle up the hill with head wind. it was getting hard after a while, cause it just didn’t change. nina had her down time close to noon. she was cycling now for three days without proper cycling clothes and an old bike… on top of it she doesn’t cycle that often as well, so it was extra hard and the nights weren’t enough time for her muscles to recover. first i didn’t know, how to do anything against her pain and frustration, but then i saw the supermarket at the other side of the street. it was time to eat some recovering chocolate! typical for girls, but hey! it really makes happy and it helped very much. so we were sitting in front of the supermarket, eating many, many chocolate bars and started both to feel better. after a while, it was time to hop back on our bikes and do the last kilometers of cycling for today. i took the role of the tour guide and started to lie to nina about how far we still have to go. it was not nice of me, i know, but it was for her best, i just wanted to motivate her!

in the morning, before we started our tour, i wrote a text message to christian, my boyfriends brother. i thought it would be fun to catch up in bamberg and have a beer together. when we arrived, christian waited for us in front of the house. it was such a great feeling to leave our bikes in his garage and do some walking through the city. now christian took the role of the tour guide and told a lot about the history of some buildings and showed us around. then, of course, we end up drinking some smoky beer, which is typical for bamberg. the tavern we went to is called ‘schlenkerla’ which is also the name of the smoky beer. christian told us about how it is produced and that far in the past, many beers tasted smoky because the hops was roasted differently than today. (i hope i didn’t swop facts in my mind and told you a lie!)

cathrin, a dear friend of us wanted to come with her bike to bamberg to join us on the way to the spring, unfortunately she had trouble with her bike and her plan didn’t work out. but in the end she came to bamberg by car, cause she wanted to spend some time with us. we don’t see each other often, so it was very great to have her around. we cought up at the ‘schlenkerla’ which is pretty easy to find, cause every tourist group stops in front while their guides tell them, that it is the place where you can drink this famous beer, but that they will not like it. such a shame! its just not true. nina, cathrin and i really enjoyed it. after a while christian had to leave to help someone moving houses. so it was just us girls, very tipsy walking through bamberg with no orientation. but it was much fun and we did some shopping cause nina and i didn’t manage washing our clothes during the tour.

in the evening we went to a beer garden with my boyfriend and his family. the weather was great for sitting outside while having a beer. in bamberg, they don’t call it beer garden, they say ‘ going on the cellar’. thats because the garden is over the cellar where the beer got stored.

we stayed at stefans parents place for the night. cathrin and nina slept in our tent in the garden and i slept inside. we stood up pretty early but still, three girls need some time to actually be ready to go, every single one wanted to take a shower. when we were ready to go, there was a wonderful and delicious breakfast waiting for us! (thanks again, that was really great and exactly what we needet to start the day!)

our destination for the 4th day was lichtenfels. the tour was around 47 kilometers. we would have loved to cycle some more but unfortunately the camping place in lichtenfels would be the last one we would pass. in the end we were both happy, that we didn’t decide to make more kilometers on that day. for me personally it was the hardest day, i was just tired and had no energy left. it was very windy and after a shot pretty part we had to cycle next to the railway again. this time nina had to animate me. lichtenfels was very funny and strange. we arived in the afternoon, it was saturday and there was no person on the street. the whole city was kind of dead. we were cycling around for ages to find the camping spot. ninas smartphone didn’t work either, so i called a friend to look up what direction we need to go. (so, thanks philipp!)

the camping was next to the river, it was beatiful, we had a duck family living next to us. the people around were also very friendly, a lot of cyclists were also camping there. for dinner we went to a beer garden. unfortunately they didn’t have any vegetarian meal so i had to content myself with a salad and a soup. after our dinner we went directly to our tent and straight to bed. i couldn’t remember, when i had been that tired!


there will be more pictures coming up soon. i am off to italy but i will be back in one week with new hints and stories, so stay tuned and have a great time!

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