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Entries from October 25th, 2013

43/2013 Mind the Rain!

October 25th, 2013 by Evangelia · england, image of the week, london, photography

The photo was taken a rainy day in London. The best you can do is to climb into  a red double bus and enjoy the rain and images that appears in front of you.

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42/2013 image of the week: beauty

October 18th, 2013 by Julia · image of the week, people

“Truth exists for the wise, beauty on a sensitive heart.” F. Schiller

© Julia Dreier

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The most chaotic time during my stay in Auckland

October 7th, 2013 by Addy · accommodation, auckland, new zealand, reportage, retomag, shopping, sightseeing

After a while I noticed that the student accommodation I lived in started to afflict me. All my friends, who used to live in the building had gone and the parties seemed to be the same after a while. So me and my danish friend from the language school had an idea, which can be called a cultural experiment. One man with two girls. We decided to move together with a  friend of her. I really loved the flat we picked as it was one of the old buildings in the city, which is a rarity in Auckland. I also liked to hear the street musician from my window. It went well until new years eve arrived. I spent the night on the beach with my friends and when I came back. In the morning the decision to move out again had to be made as me and my danish flatmate found out that during the last weeks our flatmate had not paid his part of the rent. Me and my flatmate moved out on the same day and luckily two friends offered us their couch. My danish flatmate moved back to her host family after a couple of days and I started to look for a room. There was was this quarter of Auckland, called Ponsonby, with art galleries and trendy boutiques, which I liked a lot and where I started to look for a new place to move in. When I had an appointment in a house in Ponsonby I passed another house where a group of young people were preparing their barbecue. I asked them for the way, and they told me that they had a room available as well. I really liked the room, the house and also the people seemed cool to me. They invited me for barbeque but I declined because I had another flat visit in another quarter of Auckland. When I came back, pretty sure to take the room, they had found someone else in the meantime. I was so disappointed as I had really fallen in love with everything about this flat. Two days later when I sat at work, my mobile rang and David, one of the guys from the ponsonby place told me that the room would be available again as the other girl would move somewhere else. I was so delighted and could not wait to move in. My flatmates, were a guy from New Zealand television, an Irish chef, an engineer and a girl from Germany who worked in a photostudio and who is also known as the founder of this magazine. I was very happy to live in this house and enjoyed every day of this splendid two months in Ponsonby.

Photography by Sophie Daum

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Come with me to Tinos…

October 5th, 2013 by Evangelia · greece, photography

cause there you enjoy a great summer, you discover a greek island, with unique architecture of Cyclades!  ΝΗΣΟΣ: Τήνος, Κυκλάδες… Tinos, Cyclades, Greece

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40/2013 image of the week: deltawerken

October 4th, 2013 by sophie · architecture, image of the week, netherlands, sightseeing

The Deltawerken are one of the most famous technical sight in the netherlands.
It’s a protection system against floods and storm surges and was built after the flood in 1953. The full completion of the Delta Works was in 1997, it consist of 15 individual buildings, including several dams, flood weirs and sluices, which were expanded continuously over the years.
The vernacular calls the Deltawerken “The eighth world wonder”.

The photograph was shot in August 2013 by Sophie Daum.

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