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Entries from February 28th, 2014

8/2014 image of the week: waiting for spring wistfully.

February 28th, 2014 by Julia · germany, image of the week

spring. we miss you.

Image © by Julia Dreier / 2014

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walking the pfalz

February 26th, 2014 by sophie · germany, photography, reportage

last week i visited my mum for a couple of days. she lives with her husband armin in a region which is called the pfalz. its well known for its vineyards and hearty food. they live in the countryside, not far from mannheim. i brought my dog jazz with me and took advantage of live in the village and spent a lot of time outside, exploring. one day i took the camera with me, the outcome isn’t what i hoped it will be… taking pictures and at the same time preventing winemakers getting scared by my wild dog isn’t that easy. i will practise for the next one…

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traveling pages: philip pullman – northern lights

February 21st, 2014 by nina · books, review

  philip pullman
  northern lights
  first publication 1995
  translated into german, french



i have a book hangover. do you know this feeling when you are just about to finish a wonderful and compelling book and before you turn the last page you already know that you can’t start a new book right away? because you will miss the characters like old friends? that’s how i feel about northern lights (the golden compass). i just left lyra’s world and of course i could follow her and pan into the next book but what about the others. i miss the gyptians and iorek!

but one after another. northern lights was first published in 1995 as the first part of a trilogy which is known as his dark materials. the story has its beginning at jordan collage in oxford where the girl lira belaqua lives. her world is different to ours. specially because every human has a daemon which has the shape of an animal and represents the human soul. the daemon never leaves the side of his human. at life’s beginning the daemon can change its shape but when the human grows up it determine it. the name of lyra’s daemon is panthalaimon and he can still be everything between a moth and a wildcat. lira has a wild and wonderful life among the scientists at jordan collage. after she overhears a lecture of her uncle asriel and the children in the town start to disappear lyra’s journey begins. a dangerous journey which leads her away from jordan collage into the house of the beautiful and fascinating mrs. coulter and on the ships of the gyptians, always in the direction north. in quest of the disappeared children and the secret of the dust lira finds new friends and enemies not knowing that destiny is in her hands.

the book is full of surprises. always when you think you have figured it all out another piece of the puzzle appears. the thing i liked the most about the book was lyra’s transformation from a disobedient and wild stubborn person to a responsible girl. a girl who demonstrates greatness and bravery in the right moments, who says the right words and asks the right questions, who never stops trying to understand and who easily finds a place in the hearts of her fellows.

i would recommend northern lights to anybody not only fantasy fans. it is a wonderful book with lovely characters and an exciting plot. i just wished i had read it 15 years ago.

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1 // sophie & the ocean

February 19th, 2014 by sophie · ocean

in october 2012 i started my master studies in information design at the haw würzburg. the master studies are quite different in comparison to the bachelor studies which i also did there. for the application you choose a topic which you will be working on over 3 till 5 semesters. it can be hard to find something you are so passioned about, that you can keep working on it over such a long time.

since i am back in germany from one year living in new zealand, spending much of my free time at the beach, i miss the ocean a lot. the fresh air, my feet in the warm (sometimes far too hot) sand, the sound of the waves coming in, wind in my hair, salt on the skin… thats what i always dream about, when i look back.

but to realize, that exactly this is, what i need to make my master studies about, didn’t get me in the first place. it was something stefan said: “you need to go back to the ocean…“

at this point i already wrote the half of the asked amount of pages for my exposé about another topic (something about geography, can’t even remember it…), but i knocked it on the head and started all over again with my new theme:
the human & the ocean

the focus is on our relationship to the sea, some people have a very close relationship to it. i wanted to find out if there are psychological explanations for feeling attracted to the sea.

now i already took 3 semesters to think about my thesis, work on the topic and make a concept for my final project. pretty quick there was this idea of meeting people around the globe, asking them about their relationship to the sea, taking pictures of their lives and of course, the ocean. during my studies, i have learned that our cultural background  is a big part of  how we experience the ocean. so it would also be very interesting to meet people from different cultures and talk with them. the focus is on people who already have a strong relationship to the sea, live at the sea or on an island, work there, do sailing or other watersports…

this post is the beginning of a journey. i have no idea, where it will take me, but i know, where it will start…
more about that – next time!

with love, sophie


photography by sophie daum
// shot at zealand, the netherlands

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Welcome to Schömberg, Schwäbsche Alb.

February 17th, 2014 by Julia · germany, photography

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7/2014 Image of the week: Smelling Spring?

February 15th, 2014 by Evangelia · denmark, image of the week, nature, photography

Copenhagen 2010

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6/2014 image of the week: foggy plettenberg. schwäbsche alb.

February 8th, 2014 by Julia · forest, image of the week

is a collection of liquid water droplets
or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth’s surface.

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