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about the land and the people

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retomag is a magazine based on an internet network which was founded in september 2011.
primarily retomag is the final project for my bachelors exam.

this magazine is about travel and culture, the land and the people.

everybody is allowed and requested to upload their work to get it published in the coming printed issue of retomag. it could be any kind of creative work, the only condition is, that your work is related to traveling, a country or the people who live in that country.

a little example… you were climbing the alps and made this beautiful picture, or you wrote an essay about the life in your country, or a travel report, or even a travel diary, or you met this funny mexican guy who told you a great story and you want to tell someone about it…
you think nobody cares about your picture,  your essay, your illustration, your travel stories or your interview? we do!

we are curious about what you are doing and want to invite you to show your work, tell your stories, get them published in the printed issue of our magazine and be part of the reto-around-the-world-network. get the chance to work together with people from all over the world, contribute on our blog, get inspired from other cultures and even catch up with other members of our retomag family on your own travel.

contribute here!