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28/2015 image of the week: yosemite

July 12th, 2015 by nina · california, image of the week, usa

Upper Yosemite Falls, 2014
After a four hour hike uphill we have been rewarded with this view.
© by Nina Daum

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27/2015 image of the week: who i am.

June 30th, 2015 by Julia · image of the week, photography

Image © by Julia Dreier, Balingen
Interested in portraits or lovepictures? Get in touch: julia.dreier(at)

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Traveling alone.

June 24th, 2015 by Addy · article, travelling

In this article I want to explain, why I like traveling alone. Of course I don’t want to miss any holiday with my friends and would definitely do it again but generally I prefer traveling by myself.
Here are some reasons why:

1. You are independent

There is no friend who waits for you at 7 a.m because he or she wants to do sightseeing in the morning. You can leave the hostel 15 minutes before they throw you out anyway and have a relaxed breakfast and coffee, while you plan your day. Or you decide to have no plan at all.

2. You meet new people

Certainly, you also meet new people when you’re with a friend but you might be more open-minded if you are traveling by yourself. Moreover people rather help you and give you hints for your trip. I love sitting in a hostel with strangers and talk about everything under the sun until late in the night. Traveling alone does not mean to be alone!

3. You get to know yourself better.

You are at the coast, the wind blows through your hair and you look at the infinity of the sea. Okay, this might sound a bit cheesy but a lot of people calm down at the sea. Where do you have the possibility to think quietly about the last months or to have a careful look at the future? Of course, for doing this you don’t need to be at the sea, you can also reflect at a calm spot in a city or during a trip in the mountains. But if you are with friends you may not have the time for this or you think differently about yourself. Besides, if you are travelling by yourself it’s easier to find out how you would like to design your trip.

4. You learn to deal with loneliness.

You learn to appreciate what a lot of people fear. Of course, loneliness can be annoying when you start to challenge the same issues over and over again. But a trip gives you new impressions which replace the feeling of loneliness. They can be inspiring and might appear differently than on a trip with friends.


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25/2015 image of the week

June 15th, 2015 by nina · image of the week, photography, spain

The best Paella I ever had, Catagena, Spain, 2011
© by Nina Daum

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20/2015 image of the week: Whats home for you?

May 20th, 2015 by Julia · image of the week, photography

A feeling? Family? People? Landscape? Your car? “Home is where your heart is?” Think about it.
Image © by Julia Dreier

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traveling pages: Wild Truth – Carine McCandless

May 18th, 2015 by nina · books, review

Carine McCandless
Wild Truth
First publication: 2014 

Nearly everybody knows the story of Chris McCandless. The young man who went into the wilderness of Alaska to find….well, whatever he was searching for. I read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer years ago and I was fascinated by the story. I also watched the stunning movie when it came into the cinemas and bought the soundtrack by the amazing Eddie Vedder one day later. The story of Chris McCandless touched me deep inside and the way the movie and the soundtrack try to give him justice is beautiful.
I always understood why a young man wants to leave society and life with the nature. I thought it was brave and courageous. But I never could decide if Chris was wild and free or in some way lost. I always had the feeling that there are pieces missing of the puzzle.

Last year a new book was released which unveils new details. Carine McCandless, Chris’ Sister, writes in Wild Truth about the story behind Into the Wild. The true story about her and Chris childhood which was marked by physical and psychical abuse by both mother and father. It is not only the story about the background of Chris’ dropout but also her story of overcoming all childhood obstacles to become a warmhearted and honest grown-up. And it is also the story of a whole bunch of brothers and sister who against all odds became a strong and caring family.

Everyone who loved Into the Wild should read this book. It will make you cry and laugh, it will make you think and set your world on fire, it will make you understand better and deeper and maybe it will even make you love your life more. It is a sincere, hopeful and brave book which I recommend highly.

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18/2015 image of the week: konstanzlove in spring

April 27th, 2015 by Julia · image of the week, photography

Image © by Julia Dreier

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traveling pages: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Americanah

April 23rd, 2015 by nina · books, review

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
First publication 2013
translated into thirty languages

What did I know about Nigeria and Nigerian people? The honest answer had to be: nothing.
But then I read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A book about a young Nigerian woman called Ifemelu who is accepted to study in the USA. Ifemelu has high hopes about studying in the US, about getting a better education, a better life and about keeping her boyfriend Obinze who had to stay in Nigeria. But things change and Ifemelu become an americanah, she starts to adjusts herself, to relax her hair and dress like everyone else. But then again things happen and Ifemelu remember who she was. She starts a blog and writes about being black in a non black country. In the end Ifemelu moves back to Nigeria where she is a stranger again. Can she adjust one more time? And what will happen with her and Obinze who is married and a big man into business?
There are some parallels between Ifemelus Life and the one of her creator. Like her protagonist Chimaanda Ngozi Adichie is born in Nigeria. She is raised in Nsukka and moves to the USA when she was 19.
I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned a lot about Nigeria and the Nigerian way of life. This book gives an inside of so many things I never truly thought about because they just didn’t touch me. I am a white German who grew up in small town with some turkish and arabic people who are already born here. It hit me when Ifemelu writes about becoming black the minute you enter a mostly white country like the US. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie got me thinking about how I would feel entering a mostly black country. Where I am the one that is different. Where I have to be the one trying to adjust. Knowing what the black women do to look less african I can see it everywhere. The relaxed hair, the american way of life. And I love that there are a lot of women that just don’t want to do this anymore. they don’t want to fit in at all cost. They have their curly hair and their own way to dress…and I love it!

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16/2015 image of the week

April 17th, 2015 by sophie · atlantic, france, image of the week, nature, ocean, photography, reportage, surfing

beach buggy driver at arcachon, france.
these guys drive unbelievably fast and without making any noise. some of them almost scared me to death when they passed me!
© sophie daum 03/2015 @ arcachon, france 

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15/2015 image of the week: getting pretty for spring

April 7th, 2015 by Julia · image of the week, photography

Image © by Julia Dreier

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