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BROKEN FINGAZ prints are out now!

March 1st, 2015 by sophie · art, exhibition, germany, illustration, israel, print

If you were at the Broken Fingaz Bottleneck show at Urban Spree in Berlin (2013) you might remember these silkscreen editions…
During a 3 week residency all 4 artists hand printed this series. They just received the last few and release them now on their online shop.

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33/2014 Image of the week: Come with me

September 4th, 2014 by Evangelia · art, cycling, image of the week, photography, spain, transportation

Come with me and discover new paths….

Bilbao, Juli 2014

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52/2013 image of the week:”Weird like christmas”

December 27th, 2013 by Jasime · architecture, art, image of the week, surfing

Melilla, Spain

© Jasime El Ouali


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“get away from here” – trying to catch the beauty of morocco and its people

September 18th, 2013 by Julia · art, morocco, photography

dear morocco,
you made it very hard taking pictures of you this time.
yours faithfully,

All photographs © Julia Dreier

This media production has been made possible by the journalstic training programme Beyond Your World. Beyond Your World is funded by the European Commission and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Retomag proudly presents: The Scratch Map.

August 5th, 2013 by Julia · art, graphic design, illustration

I love this map.

Honestly, coming back from a new trip and scratch out a new country, you haven’t seen before- it’s awesome.

It turns from gold into another colour.

Iceland turns turquois,

Morocco yellow,

Italy is green,

Nepal dark green.

It seems like gold is the colour for curiousness,

and after your courage prove traveling in a new country your life gets new colours-

with every minute, with every person, with every step on another ground.

accompanied by fear and happiness.

Scratch it out:

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3rd // seven questions – seven answers with alberto fernandez de agirre, photographer and artist based everywhere

March 26th, 2012 by sophie · 7 questions - 7 answers, art, photography, spain

alberto fernandez de agirre is one of the people, i met through the retomag project. some of albertos work is going to be published in the first issue. we are just starting an exchange about ideas and exhibitions.

1. you are traveling a lot… could you give us a quick listing of the countries you visited?
spain, portugal, france, germany, belgium, switzerland, czech republic, poland, italy, england, scotland, austria, turkey, jordan, egypt, mali, morocco, algeria, japan, india, laos, cambodia, thailand…. but my friends say that I live on mars.

2. it’s probably not an easy question, but is there a country you liked most?
i never believed that the time and space exist. only the combination of them. that’s which we call ”moments”. i could say i like the mountains of morocco, the streets of istanbul, osaka and bangkok, the cambodian jungle or the sun of the mediterranean … but in reality what i most appreciated are the moments. like that on a beach in kerala. swimming inthe middle of a moonsoon storm. water up and down. in the distance there was a girl doing the same. we didn’t know and we never met each other but i miss that connection weird. share the fact of belonging only to the ocean, and that nothing else mattered. and yet not know that that enjoyment was not possible without being in the middle of the sahara completely screwed. destroyed physically and emotionally defeated. there has never been one without the other. basically my desire to live in a place are sons of a crippled but very happy experience.

3. in wich way is your work mainly affected from traveling?
travel unsettles me. as you all. but when i’m more confused emotionally, i think the best of myself. and when i move in bursts, no one knows exactly how i walk but is when i reach a minimum of lucidity. so i love to travel, because everything upsets me. everything becomes brittle, and, against all odds, the supposed weakness makes me stronger. then i go to details and moments that are not recognized in other conditions. honestly, i don´t structure  logical discourse about what i do. i just feel. ”i feel, therefore i am”.

4. traveling and making art, that’s probably the dream of a lot of people. do you have a special advice for the people out there?
traveling is not an activity for everyone. i’m talking about the full meaning of the journey. not only visitors but to see and understand. this requires overcoming fears. we just threaten our own thoughts. life is a journey, and this applies to everything. one must know how to take a range of faith. in ourselves and others. the unknown attracts us and makes us uncomfortable. but we go there because knowledge lives there. and we expect to find the treasure is buried among thousands of people, places and customs. we must be patient. serene. flexible. friendly, because in general out there, same thing happens at home. we do not understand so much.

5. do you ever want to saddle down? where?
i know perfectly where i want to go. but there is a geographical demarcation. this is another “moment”. i do not want to be alone. i like to lose, but i do not want to miss completely. i want to stop now, but it is within my reach. it is not because they may not have reached the time. and it is not because this little eden particular is in constant motion. as ocean currents. as the transit of the sun.

6. who would you love to work for?
if someone reads this and it has any meaning for him or her … then i have found people who i would love to work.

7. what are your plans for the future? do you have any projects in mind? where are you planing to travel next?
my next destination is madrid to inaugurate my exhibition “buscando dragones” (searching dragons). after that i will do a trip to southern france for a story i love to show you soon. later … i do not know… i can hardly see beyond one month. i would like to see new zealand, indonesia, papua, ethiopia, the arctic … but the place i want to visit really  is that which i know nothing and yet about, i have it inside. in short, we just want to live.


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