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New Zealand 2009-2010 Trip to Sydney

September 30th, 2013 by Addy · australia, sydney

It was a bit sad about the friendships in the language school, that people would leave at different times of the year and if you got to know someone better it was likely that he or she had to leave soon. So it was the case with my dear roommate from Hungary. After six weeks in Auckland she left for another six weeks of language school in Brisbane. So me and two guys from my language school decided to meet her, on a long weekend in Sydney. When we arrived it was so lovely to see her again and it was especially nice to see how happy she was when she met one of the guys again, which she had fallen in love with during her stay in Auckland.

Our hostel was in a very busy part of Sydney, a quarter where people made party all night long. On the first day we visited the city center, which was very nice. However I must say that I prefer the comfortable city center of Auckland with its hidden second hand stores and its cozy clubs and bars. Of course we also visited the opera house, which looked impressive but smaller then on the pictures, I had seen before. In the evening we met other former students of our language school, who lived in Sydney now. They had a very luxurious apartment, which they however shared with around 6 or seven other people. The three girls we caught up with lived together in one sleeping room, some of their flatmates even lived in the living room. Later we went into a huge club and it was a great and unique feeling to party there.

The next day we went into a park with kangaroos, coalas and other exotic animals. It was possible to feed the kangaroos but they decided to ignore me and my food the entire time. Afterward we visited the Olympic stadium of Sydney. It was very empty and there was a big screen showing the grand opening show of the Olympic Games of 2000. It was a weird atmosphere as the attraction of the now rarely used station kept living from an event that happened almost 10 years ago.

The next day we were trying to find a beach, which turned out to be a challenge for itself. Finally, already slightly annoyed, we simply took a bus which had written beach on the front. We drove almost an hour and it was very nice to the see the beautiful suburbs of Sydney. When we drove along the coast we hopped off and tough it was still a bit cold we had a very nice and sunny time at the beach. On our last evening we went into a cozy club with a band playing kings of Leon and other music of this style. I enjoyed it as it reminded me of Auckland and I really like tiny clubs where a band plays live music.

All in all I must say that Sydney is a truly beautiful, modern city. The beaches are pretty and they give the city a very nice atmosphere. The buildings are a mix of new architecture and traditional colonial style. I must admit that I was a bit sad coming back to Auckland at the beginning but it did not take long and I realized again what I preferred about New Zealand’s biggest city: It’s more personal.

photography by sophie daum in sydney 2010

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