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2nd // seven questions – seven answers with julia e. palmer, editor and motion designer based in paris

March 19th, 2012 by sophie · 7 questions - 7 answers, fashion, film, france, new zealand

1. julia, you did your master studies in new zealand. was there a special reason why you decided to study in this country?
once I finished my fashion diploma in paris, i decided to compliment it with a master in multimedia and graphic design overseas. half of my family is from new zealand so i felt it was time to take advantage of my double-nationality!

2. what was the biggest difference between the life you had in paris compared to your life in new zealand?
coming from paris to auckland was a bit of a shock at first… it’s hard to get used to the chilled kiwi rythm. although the quality of life is unique over there. i discovered what it was like to have a garden, to walk from town to the beach, to have ten coffees a day in one of those uber trendy cool cafés you find only in NZ,…

3. would you say the country is reflected in the work you did during your stay?
definitly but not in a literal way. you will never see kiwi birds or my ancester’s maori tatoos in my work! new zealand was the first time in my “career” when i felt free to experiment anything. in france, if you study fashion, you are trained to create and sell a collection. in new zealand design is seen as a panel of technics you can blend together. when i present my work to people, sometimes it can be difficult to explain that it’s possible to mix cinema, graphics and fashion.

4. how was the creative exchange with the people at your school?
i was pretty lucky with my mentors and got to push myself thanks to them. unfortunately, each of us students had different schedules and no class time so actually seeing another postgrad student was rare…

5. would you say, that the style of your work changed a lot during your time in NZ?
my work is strongly influenced by european fashion and creative media. when i changed fields from fashion to motion graphics, i was able to reinterpret my influences and my own ideas in a way that i had never expressed before, and that broke down a lot of barriers that i didn’t know i had, allowing me to look in new directions. my style didn’t change but i believe that the relaxed attitude in new zealand towards the creative sector allowed me to reinvent my work.

6. how does it feel to be back in paris?
i love it! it’s challenging but very inspiring at the same time! time goes faster but ideas get bigger…

7. what are your plans for the future? what do you expect from your work life?
my plan at the moment is to get more work experience in europe. i expect a lot of work, traveling and surprises. or at least one out of the three…

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retomag proudly presents…

November 25th, 2011 by sophie · fashion, new zealand, photography, retomag

the fascinating work of Mara Sommer, a photographer living and working in Auckland, New Zealand!

See more in the upcoming magazine and check out her website!

Styling, Hair and Make Up Margaret Petchell
Model Stephanie @ Nova Models


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