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petit noir

April 3rd, 2013 by nina · coffee, cologne, food, germany

the petit noir is a cute little café located in the neighbourhood sülz. the charming staff serves coffee, tea, breakfast and some really good sandwiches. it is a good place to get ready for the day. the music is good and the prices too. the petit noir is a place which contrasts to other cafés.

petit noir // zülpicher straße 196 // 50937 Köln // germany

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schlenkerla – bamberg

August 30th, 2012 by sophie · food, germany, nightlife

the tavern is called ‘schlenkerla’. it is very popular for the smokey beer, which they sell, it called ‘märzen’. you can also get lager (less smokey), weizen (bit smokey) and in some time of the year ‘kräusen’, ‘eichla’ and ‘bock’. the ‘schlenkerla’ involves a famous brewery and if you visit bamberg, it is a must to try it! the tavern itself is very traditional. there are tables where you can order and eat in the main rooms. in the hallway between is some kind of self-service area, you go and get your beer and if you like, you can bring your own meal and have a picnic. the most easy way to find the ‘schlenkerla’ is to follow all the tourist guided groups, usually, they stop in front and tell something about the beer, sometimes even walk through the tavern and then continue their tour.

brauerei schlenkerla // dominikanerstraße 6 // 96049 bamberg // germany

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main camping, lichtenfels

August 13th, 2012 by sophie · accommodation, germany

great location, camping next to the ‘main’ river. it gets cold during the nights sleeping close to the river, so get prepared. the people were very nice. they have a kitchen as well. the rest rooms could have been more clean!

main camping // krößwehrstr. 52 // 96215 lichtenfels // 09571 71729

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campingplatz sand am main

August 13th, 2012 by sophie · accommodation, germany

nice small and very reluable camping spot with clean facilities!

camping sand a. m. // pappelallee 7 // 97522 sand a. main // phone: (09524) 82 22 70 //

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café chaos // automatenmuseum // museum for automats

March 4th, 2012 by sophie · coffee, darmstadt, food, germany, nightlife

this place is two in one. first of all, you can get cake and coffee, pizza, sandwiches, salads and pasta till almost midnight. on the menu it says: breakfast from 9.00am till midnight. they also serve drinks in the night and host a museum for automats from the 50s-70s. you can find some automats outside and a lot of them in the hallway on your way to the restrooms. the automats are all useable with euro coins. they sell everything you could imagine in those automats, you will not get disappointed on your search for a new toothbrush, lightbulb or some café chaos – merchandise like ashtrays, lighters or buttons.

café chaos // mühlstraße 36 // 64283 darmstadt // germany

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February 29th, 2012 by nina · coffee, nightlife

strandperle is kind of a kiosk-bar on the beach of the river elbe in hamburg. on a warm summer evening there is no other place on earth i want to be. you can sit in the sand, drink a beer, watch the container-ships getting unload and wonder what is inside and dream about far away places. you can bring your own food and drinks or buy something at the kiosk. how you get to this magical place? take the ferry 62 at landungsbrücken with direction finkenwerder and get off at neumühlen/övelgönne.

on the facebook page (strandperle hamburg) you can find out if they are closed because of cold or high water.

strandperle // övelgönne 60 // 22605 hamburg // germany //

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BROT und seine freunde // BREAD and its friends

February 26th, 2012 by sophie · coffee, food, germany

german bread is legendary. everybody knows it because everybody loves it. ‘brot und seine freunde’ is a small café in frankfurt. besides the main meal is fresh, tasty bread with several spreads. the served food has high quality but is still very affordable. they serve coffee and fresh baked cake as well.

BROT und seine freunde // kornmarkt 5 // 60311 frankfurt am main // germany //

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lockengelöt – accessories for living, recycled material

February 14th, 2012 by sophie · germany, shopping

lockengelöt is a small design shop and workspace in st.pauli, hamburg. all items are handmade and made of recycled material. So vinyl finds a new function in lamps, ashtrays and bowls, old books get new lives as wardrobes.

lockengelöt // wohlwitz str. 20 // st. pauli // 20359 hamburg // germany //

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