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one day in cologne

April 30th, 2013 by nina · cologne, germany

you will remember that i was to amsterdam a month ago. we, meaning my friend bella and me, started our trip from cologne where bella lived for a while. on the way back i stayed one lovely monday in cologne to visit the city.
we started our day with a good breakfast at the lovely petit noir. the small café is located in the neighbourhood sülz. i am really sad that i have no such a place in my small hometown. a place where you can sit a long time without feeling uncomfortable and like you are in the way. the service is great and the croissant was nearly perfect (this is the best you can get with croissants outside of france). next stop was the cologne cathedral. i always wanted to see it and was really excited.

…and i was not disapointed. this building is amazing. if you imagine that it has been built by manpower only, no crane, no digger, just hands. it is really impressive. there was a mass inside when we arrived and the organ music sounded great. when the mass had finished we wandered around a bit and sighted the floors and the huge walls and windows.

after picking up another friend of us we strolled around the city. to be honest we just walked and walked because we don’t see each other very often and we always have a lot to catch up. in the evening bella and her flatmate decided to give me a real cologne experience. so we went into a cologne pub to drink koelsch and eat himmel un ääd (mashed potatoes, blood sausage and apple puree). and yes i ate nearly everything up.
if you haven’t been to cologne yet….go! be aware that it is not a very pretty city but a city with heart and soul. and if you go there with an open mind you will find the beauty in the streets and the people which make the city worth visiting.

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