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Coperion Filter Simulation

May 30th, 2012 by sophie · germany, interactive

this post has nothing to do with traveling, sorry guys, but at least with creativity. i think this project is the perfect example how at first boring and weird sounding topics can get presented interesting and beautiful with a whiff of simplicity.
this project was realized by »design And systems« würzburg; christopher warnow and stefan wagner.

This is an interactive simulation for visualizing filtration processes inside silo filters. We created this piece of software for the company Coperion in order to showcase their approach to the production of filters which is highly client-oriented and individually customizable.

The development of a filter is a process being hard to grasp, a non-linear system of intertwined parameters one has to find the right balance for. Each material and context needs its own set of fine tuned limits and working parameters.

The simulation as a medium helps to explore the fields of possibilities and gives back new room for human reasoning to the engineers. Together with Coperion, we were going through a lot of documents as well as excel sheets and tried to make such a complex issue as filtering understandable, tangible and last but not least, a narrative that is able to capture your curiosity for complex systems in the world.

The final software has been programmed using Openframeworks (

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