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9/2015 Image of the week: Red is the color in Bilbao

February 24th, 2015 by Evangelia · architecture, image of the week, life, people, photography

Bilbao, february 2015

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7/2015 Image of the week: Blue and red in february

February 9th, 2015 by Evangelia · image of the week, life, people, photography, sightseeing, spain

Bilbao, February 2015

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3/2015 Image of the week: Playing with the sunset

January 12th, 2015 by Evangelia · greece, image of the week, life, people, photography, water

Thessaloniki, January 2015

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welcome jazz! – the poetry of living with a dog

November 17th, 2013 by sophie · article, life, nature

this post may look strange on a travel and culture blog the first place but i promise, when you keep reading, you will hopefully get where the connection is.

stefan and i adopted jazz in the beginning of september, she is a beautiful border collie – australian shepherd mix. jazz lived in a family with kids and had to leave cause the third child was born and there was not enough time for her training anymore. the first moment i saw this dog, i already fell in love with her. she has a lot of energy, is a very happy and playful dog and on top of that: she loves to cuddle.

when i was a kid, i always dreamed about having a dog, taking it everywhere with me, having it on my side as a friend who you don’t need to talk with, you communicate just with gesture, understand each other without a word. my family always had cats, so there was no chance for me to get a dog. i waited many many years till i decided: now is a good time to actually have one.

i knew that having a pet, especially a dog and over all a sheepdog, will be live changing. but i didn’t realize how much!
from one day to the other i started walking with my dog three times a day, at least two hours in total, most times three till four hours. jazz has the excitement of the border collie and wants to guard me like an australian shepherd. thats a powerful and explosive combination. she is a working dog who needs a job, a lot of time and work. don’t misunderstand, this is not me being sorry about my decision of having a sheepdog. its quite the contrary!

the last two years i spent working a lot, studying and not much traveling. when i made my hobby photography into a job, i actually lost a hobby. this empty place has never been filled. till jazz came into my life. working with a dog, getting to know her and keeping practice on my own skills like reaction, observation and staying calm started changing me a bit. i have always been very nervous inside, not showing it to others, but my dog is like a mirror. she shows me always how i act right away and when i realize, that she is very nervous and hyped out, it tells me to calm down and relax myself. this is actually like a life lesson.

another thing about having a dog is spending so much time outside. i haven’t been hanging out in the nature that much since i was a kid, playing in the garden or in the woods. while working and studying, living our daily lives, we often stop taking a real break, going for a walk, getting some fresh air. since jazz came into my life, i have seen so many places and recognized so many things i would have never seen without having a dog. its like i now started traveling and exploring the city and area i lived in since 6 years. sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to go out when it is cold and raining, but on every walk with my dog, i discover something new or just something beautiful, i wouldn’t have seen if i stayed home, watching tv or staring at my computer screen!


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