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16/2015 image of the week

April 17th, 2015 by sophie · atlantic, france, image of the week, nature, ocean, photography, reportage, surfing

beach buggy driver at arcachon, france.
these guys drive unbelievably fast and without making any noise. some of them almost scared me to death when they passed me!
© sophie daum 03/2015 @ arcachon, france 

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12/2015 Image of the Week: german woods

March 20th, 2015 by sophie · forest, germany, image of the week, nature, new zealand, photography

A while ago I went location scouting for a shooting in the woods. It made me think about german woods. As you know, I spent some time in New Zealand and most of the woods over there are extremely different to the german ones. They are like a natural wall, you can’t just walk in there, like you can do it in Germany. Its like the nature says: No humans please! Private party!
© Sophie Daum // February 2015

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4/2015 Image of the Week: seal at the baltic sea

January 23rd, 2015 by sophie · animals, baltic sea, germany, image of the week, nature, ocean, photography

That day I was supposed to catch up with my friend Ines and visit the Flügger Lighthouse. But this little friend prevented us from going. Seals are very special in the baltic sea, so I am very happy, that I witnessed it hanging out at the nature reserve at Fehmarn.

09/2014 at Fehmarn by Sophie Daum

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January 6th, 2015 by sophie · germany, nature, photography

today is very frosty and i took the chance to shoot in our garden. hope you’ll like it.

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47/2014 Image of the week: Drops

November 17th, 2014 by Evangelia · forest, germany, image of the week, nature, photography, water

Autumn drops, Würzburg November 2014

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38/2014 Image of the week: Autumn time!

September 15th, 2014 by Evangelia · forest, germany, image of the week, nature, photography

One of the best times of the year for a photographer is here!!!!!

Würzburg 2014

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31/2014 Image of the week: Keep streets empty for me

August 13th, 2014 by Evangelia · germany, image of the week, nature, photography

Keep streets empty for me….

Würzburg, Juni 2014

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yosemite national park

July 27th, 2014 by nina · article, california, forest, nature, reportage, usa

on my second weekend at the bay we went on a trip to yosemite national park. i always wanted to see a national park. i haven’t imagined it to be that far because i always have a problem to convert miles to kilometers. but the trip was already really interesting. starting in berkeley we drove east and it is impressive how fast the landscape is changing. you drive like 1 hour and you seem to be at a total different landscape. we went from the green bay area to yosemite passing a bleak landscape, dried hills with wind turbins and cows, almond plantations, small villages and farms. the closer we got to yosemite the greener the landscape became. we drove on windy roads through forests and valleys, crossing rivers and hills until we finally entered the national park border where a nice park ranger gave us cards and informations. while driving into the valley we had an amazing view on one of the famous rocks in yosemite, the monolith el capitan. the native call it tu-tock-ah-nu-lah after one of their headmans.

day one
we wanted to hike the vernan and nevada falls on friday afternoon, so we parked our car near curry village and went to the trail. the way up was a bit crowded until we came to a little hut half way to vernan falls. a sign warned us that this was the last chance to get water. so we filled up our bottles and went on. since my travel guide said the john muir trail would be less crowded we chose that one. and the guide was right. we met just a hand full of people while climbing up hill.

since the hut the trail was a narrow sand path with rocky parts. the evening was near and we were about to turn around when a nice woman told us that it was not any higher from the point where we were and the highest point of the nevada fall would be just around the corner. so we hurried up and were rewarded with an amazing view over the woods and into the valley.

the sun was nearly downing when we hurried to get back to a paved road. at a interception point i recommended to take the shorter path not knowing what i got us into. while the sun was downing we went on slippery and wet rock-cut stairs next to vernan fall. it was gorgeous and terrifying at the same time.

the mist of the waterfall was wetting our clothes and hair. we had to take good care where we put our steps. we made it back to the paved road at the ground with the last trace of light. it was already dark when we came to the road to the parking area. while walking to our car a deer crossed the street, stopped and watched at us for a while before it disappeared into the forest. yosemite has definitively a nice way to welcome guests.

day two
we kept saturday for our big tour to the upper yosemite fall but when we woke up our muscles were so sore that we were not sure if we could make it. plus we didn’t know that it was the first day of the year that half dome (the other famous rock) opened for rock climbing. it took us nearly forever to get into the park. when we finally made it we decided to hike to the lower yosemite fall and then decide if we want to move on. the hike was challenging for us but for me the most.

i had a huge problem with the sheer ascent. my legs were burning like fire. on our way to the lower fall we met a lot of people with much better equipment. parts of the path were so rocky that a hiking pole would actually have helped. others were sandy and steep.

we arrived the lower fall on time for our lunch break. the lower fall was not as misty as the vernan fall on day one but we saw a double rainbow where the fall hit the rocks. after we ate i thought we would turn and go back down. my only wish was to rest my burning legs. but eugene encouraged holly and me to go on, so we did. it took us two hours to get to the lower fall and another two to the upper. i was cursing the whole time which is ok because they were the day before when we went down the slippery stairs while daylight was fading. but both times the reward was totally worth the endeavor. again we nearly gave up when a man passed us saying “you are nearly there, it’s about 10 minutes to go. you can make it!” with a cheery smile. it is really moving how total strangers we met on the trails were encouraging each other.

on top of the hill we went through a quit clearing and then we saw the view. every hurting part of my body was totally forgotten. the view and the knowing that you made it up here was just breathtaking.

we walked around the top, took a very terrifying way without a real handrail down to a little platform and enjoyed the view for a while. it was an amazing and fulfilling experience.

we finished the day with a little bonfire at a camp where holly’s friends camped down in the valley. we sat at the fire, eating marshmallows and listened to the sound of the forest and the camping ground. on our way back to the hotel we stopped to watch the millions of stars. the perfect end of a perfect day.

day three
on sunday no one of us got out of the bed easily. the sore muscles of day two turned into burning-like-hell legs.

after a long and quit breakfast we drove to the mariposa grove of giant sequoias. i read before that the grizzly giant is the biggest tree at mariposa grove. it has a surrounding of 29 meters (95 feet) and is 64 meters high (209 feet). it is 2700 years old and really impressive.

the grizzly giant was not the first sequoia i saw at the park but when you see him for the first time it is stunning, i have never before seen such a big tree. we stood in front of it for a while just speechless. we went on to see all the other trees. the faithful couple, the three graces, telescope tree and the fallen wawona tunnel tree.

i can not describe the feeling you have when you stand in front of a living being which is so much older than you can ever get, than you can even imagine. we left mariposa grove at 4 pm to watch the sunset at glacier point.

glacier point is a famous overview at yosemite where you can see the whole park and even the sierra nevada. after we arrived we realized how cold it is up on the hill. so we put on everything we had and walked down the small path. the overview at glacier point is amazing. every time i thought it can’t possibly get any better it always did.

at glacier point we looked at all the places we have been the last two days. i couldn’t believe that it has only been two days. it was an amazing adventure i will never forget. before we left we promised to come back and hike half dome.


this is what i learned at the weekend in yosemite:
hikers are really friendly beings who encourage each other because they know in which pain you are.
really old and really big trees make you feel so small and unimportant. what is a human life in the face of a 3000 year old tree that survived hundreds of fires?
there are millions of reasons to save the nature!
it is always good to have a beanie and a second jacket.
and most important…you are always, always capable to do more than you think you can. you can get to the top. you can make it!

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16/2014 image of the week: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”

April 25th, 2014 by Jasime · forest, image of the week, nature














Somewhere in the forests of Germany

© Jasime El Ouali

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Krummsteert // Fehmarn // Baltic Sea

April 23rd, 2014 by sophie · baltic sea, germany, nature, ocean, photography

I spent five weeks in Wallnau, a place on the island Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. Wallnau is a waterbird reservat, hosted by the NABU. I worked there with a lot of wonderful people which i have taken in my heart. There are two outposts, one is called Grüner Brink, the other one is the Krummsteert, an esker that the sea has shaped for a long time. The Krummsteert is a nature protection zone, there are no visitors allowed to enter it. Its a very important area for breeding birds. I was privileged to visit the Krummsteert to take photographs. It is very impressing to stand on a small strip of land, the sea on my left and on my right side, surrounded by sea birds. The nature is very untouched and I did every step carefully, trying to not destroy something. The light was beautiful and I felt very close to the nature. It was very special and meant a lot to me. So here are some of my shots, I hope you will like it!

View on the Fehmarnsundbridge which is the link to the mainland


Flying Eider Ducks


The Flügger Lighthouse


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