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Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2015 by sophie · retomag

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2014 by sophie · retomag

We wish you all very happy Christmas days with your friends and families or maybe some very nice strangers!
Take some time off to relax, read a good book, take a walk and have some homemade cookies.

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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2013 by sophie · retomag

We wish you all wonderful Christmas with the people you love and at the place you like to be.
Its time to thank you for your frequent visits this year and your lovely emails! We are very happy about having you!
I also like to thank the wonderful team I am honored to work with. You are great and it is a real pleasure to have you on my side.
Have a lovely time with loads of food, some time off and making plans for 2014!

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The most chaotic time during my stay in Auckland

October 7th, 2013 by Addy · accommodation, auckland, new zealand, reportage, retomag, shopping, sightseeing

After a while I noticed that the student accommodation I lived in started to afflict me. All my friends, who used to live in the building had gone and the parties seemed to be the same after a while. So me and my danish friend from the language school had an idea, which can be called a cultural experiment. One man with two girls. We decided to move together with a  friend of her. I really loved the flat we picked as it was one of the old buildings in the city, which is a rarity in Auckland. I also liked to hear the street musician from my window. It went well until new years eve arrived. I spent the night on the beach with my friends and when I came back. In the morning the decision to move out again had to be made as me and my danish flatmate found out that during the last weeks our flatmate had not paid his part of the rent. Me and my flatmate moved out on the same day and luckily two friends offered us their couch. My danish flatmate moved back to her host family after a couple of days and I started to look for a room. There was was this quarter of Auckland, called Ponsonby, with art galleries and trendy boutiques, which I liked a lot and where I started to look for a new place to move in. When I had an appointment in a house in Ponsonby I passed another house where a group of young people were preparing their barbecue. I asked them for the way, and they told me that they had a room available as well. I really liked the room, the house and also the people seemed cool to me. They invited me for barbeque but I declined because I had another flat visit in another quarter of Auckland. When I came back, pretty sure to take the room, they had found someone else in the meantime. I was so disappointed as I had really fallen in love with everything about this flat. Two days later when I sat at work, my mobile rang and David, one of the guys from the ponsonby place told me that the room would be available again as the other girl would move somewhere else. I was so delighted and could not wait to move in. My flatmates, were a guy from New Zealand television, an Irish chef, an engineer and a girl from Germany who worked in a photostudio and who is also known as the founder of this magazine. I was very happy to live in this house and enjoyed every day of this splendid two months in Ponsonby.

Photography by Sophie Daum

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Happy New Year! RetoMag Goals 2013

January 1st, 2013 by sophie · retomag

first of all i wish you a very happy and great year 2013! may all your dreams come true! new years always makes me thinking about the last year, about what i accomplished, what i didn’t and of course about what my goals for the next year will be, what i like to change, where i want to travel and what missions i like to accomplish.

my biggest goal for 2013 will be to finally publish the first issue of retomag! a lot of people worked very hard for my magazine and it would be a shame to let it fizzle out.

another goal is a new structure for the blog, more entries, more authors, weekly columns… the idea is born, additional authors are waiting in the wings, the columns are planned and some of the entries for january are already set up.

if you like to be part of our little compilation, just get in touch, we would love to hear about your ideas and have you around in our lovely retomag family!

travel save, have a great journey and a lot of fun with our refreshed blog!



© sophie daum

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the news in may part 2

May 31st, 2012 by sophie · print, retomag

may started pretty productive and intense, and thats the same way, how may is going to end.
here are the latest news:

1. contributors:
many contracts came back and i like to welcome: abi glassmann, lee hinkelmann, jack ‘darcy’ searle, emilia lloret, jochen berger, svetlana padolfino. i hope, i didn’t forget one!

for our contributors, we set up accounts to log in and actually get to be part of the retomag network/ write on the blog, share ideas, write some travel hints. exciting times, i cant wait to read their first posts.

2. publishing:
i had the first meeting with the first print shop. it went pretty well and i am curious about their offer. but i am waiting for a second print shop to get an offer. then it will get time to decide who gets the job and when retomag and retomag-israel will get printed. very exciting. i am looking forward to that day i was working for since almost one year!

3. sponsoring:
still working on the introduction movie to find sponsors. if you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who could be interested in sponsoring retomag and getting some space for advertising their business in exchange, please give me an email!

stay tuned for further informations! take care!

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the news in may

May 23rd, 2012 by sophie · retomag

hello out there!

didn’t send out any news the last time, was busy working on daily jobs and the retomag paperwork.

but here, some news…

1. contributors
after the contracts came back from my german lawyer, i sent it to translation and when it came back to the retomag contributors. i am very happy to welcome at this point: christopher klein, felicity cromack, julia dreier, natalie wong, nina daum and wolfgang landauer!!

2. additional content
i am planing to add some new content to the already existing. some of our contributors went out there this spring and collected stories which should get a chance to be told. very exiting!

3. sponsoring
working on a little introduction movie for advertising retomag to potential sponsors. stay tuned!

4. next 7q-7a interview
it has been a while since i published the last interview, but don’t worry, the next one is  coming up soon. if you would like to be part of the series, just give me a short email.


so, that’s it for now, have a great week!


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retomag guideline

March 22nd, 2012 by sophie · retomag

download the retomag guideline to check out how to contribute!

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seven questions – seven answers, interview series coming soon

February 29th, 2012 by sophie · 7 questions - 7 answers, retomag

seven questions – seven answers, that’s the name of our upcoming interview series. we will be interviewing creatives from all over the world about traveling, the past and the future and on top of it, we will present some of their work as well… it will all get published on our blog.

the first interview is already in process… stay tuned!


your passion is in the creative field? you got a story to tell? you think you would be a great person for an interview? perfect. get in touch! ->

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February 24th, 2012 by sophie · germany, retomag

Does someone know a small publishing company in Germany? Preferable with an online shop and a english website!

I would be very happy for every advice, it’s an absolutely new field for me.

Thanks guys and take care!

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