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33/2014 Image of the week: Come with me

September 4th, 2014 by Evangelia · art, cycling, image of the week, photography, spain, transportation

Come with me and discover new paths….

Bilbao, Juli 2014

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a bus ride with obstacles

June 4th, 2013 by nina · germany, reportage, transportation

frankfurt, 5 pm. i reach the bus just in time. everybody is standing in a nice queue, putting their suitcases into the hold and check in at the busdriver. the bus is nearly full and i am confused where i should sit, because i don’t want to sit next to a freak. but luckily i spot a seat next to a friendly looking girl. by the time everyone found a seat the road trip begins. frankfurt to hamburg, only stop göttingen. 500 kilometers, 6,5 hours. and i have to pee. after one episode of the three investigators and and a cheese roll i dare to visit the bustoilet. just hold one’s nose and…i got through worse. shortly after 7 pm i doze off a bit. bus rides make me sleepy all the time.
at kassel it starts to rain. and while the water is streaming down the window i start to discover my joy in bus rides. you are stucked in a bus with a lot of people and although you don’t know them you become kind of a  community. a community without being a real one. just for a short time. i look around and recognize the rest of my bus community. the couple which wanted to sit next to each other, the woman who smiles at everyone, the guy with the texts for university, the girl talking on the phone on spanish and the two asian guys. altogether it is a very friendly and calm atmosphere. very considerate.
i try to read but that makes me feel sleepy again. sometimes a scent of coffee comes from the nearby coffee machine. the truckers are on eye height which is kind of confusing. we arrive göttinen with a delay of 30 minutes. four people get out four new in. in the midst of göttingen and hanover we make a stop at a rest area. no one knows how much delay we actually have. it takes ages to get to hanover. and i am really really tyred. “i wish for a bit more transparency of the busdriver”, katharina says. katharina is the nice girl sitting next to me. “yes, me too. and i am so hungry”. it is already dark outside and we still have no glue about the delay. “if you could have everything to eat, what would that be?”, asks katharina. i burst into laughter. that’s a good question. the next 30 minutes we discuss about food. then we start a list of things to improve these busrides. transparency of course, blankets, some really nice food and cocktails. we could carry that forward forever. but then we are nearly there. time to say good bye. to separate from the people who you have been a community with for a short while. and be strangers again.

luckily there is someone waiting for me at the bus station, someone who is not only part of a random community but a life long friend.

Text: Nina Daum // Photography: Sophie Daum

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